We received this invitation from our friends at SAC.  Let’s all check our calendars and let them know how much food we plan to eat:)  Contact information appears below.

Hi Hurlock Club Members,

Sussex Aeromodelers Club Seaford, DE will be holding a fun fly on May 1st. We would like to invite the Hurlock club members to come and fly with us. There will be food available at minimal cost. There will be fun fly contests starting at 10:00am. The fun fly events will be: a timed (on the ground) cone race, a bomb drop and spot landing.  It is all just for fun, no prizes, just fun things to do. We are also holding a auction. B ring anything that you would like to auction off, you may set a minimum bid on whatever you want to auction off.

If you would be kind enough to please email me us back if your planning to attend the fun fly, so we cam make sure we have enough food for every one.

We hope to see you at our fun fly.

Tom Perkins

Sussex Aeromodelers Club Seaford, DE

My cell number is 609 287 9984.