Eastern Shore Aeromodelers Club

AMA Chartered #4095

jimcoll2013-67Our mission is to enjoy and promote the art and sport of model aircraft flying and to develop interest within our local communities. To encourage kids to get involved in a hobby that will promote their enthusiasm to learn and to have fun. Our members range from 17 years old to 91 years old drawn together by a common interest in “things that fly”.

Most Sundays when the weather is favorable there are 8 to 15 pilots at the field. Members are free to use the field at any time that suits them.

Open meetings are now on hold but on the calendar for the 2nd Saturday each month at the field to be arranged as needed and announced through the club newsletter. Meeting time is 1:00 PM and visitors are welcome.

Jack Upchurch


Duane Lundahl


Jim Cockran

Safety Officer

Jack Rosemere


Matt Sebring

Field Marshall


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January 9,2021

No Meeting at the Field

February 13

NO Meeting at the Field

March 13

Possible Meeting 1pm at the Field TBA

April 10

Meeting 1pm at the Field

April 24

FIELD CLOSED- No Flying in support of Handsell event

May 15

Meeting 1pm at the Field

May 22-23

Spring Fling Control Line Event 9am until ?

June 9

Meeting 7pm at the Field - pizza at Pizza Palace in Hurlock at 5:30

June 12-13

IMAC Jack Stoval IMAC Challenge

July 14

Meeting 7pm at the Field

 August 11

Meeting 7pm at the Field

August 14-15

Jim Coll Control Line Stunt Contest

August 28-29

Ace Oertly IMAC Challenge


September 8

Meeting 7pm at the Field

September 14-15

Giant Scale Fly In - Rain dates Sept 18-19

 October 9

No Fly Day at the field- Handsell Annual Event

October 13

 Meeting 7pm at the Field

November 10

Possible Meeting 7pm location TBA

December 8

Possible Christmas Meeting 7pm location TBA


Blog Section


Life in Circles

Life in Circles

Today our club is hosting a 2 day Control Line Stunt Contest and have added Carrier Events after a successful trial two years ago.  Many hard working volunteers have had a hand in making this happen, and as luck would have it, even the Governor of Maryland is helping...

Eastern Shore Spring Fling

Eastern Shore Spring Fling

On May 22-23, 2021, the Eastern Shore Aeromodelers Club will host a control line event at the field in Vienna, MD.  Registration to begin  around 8:30 am each day with flying to start no later than 10am each day.  Events will consist of: Old Time, Profile and Carrier...

IMAC Competition to Happen this Weekend

IMAC Competition to Happen this Weekend

The roller coaster ride of what activities are OK and which ones are not, has not missed our club.  As it turns out, outside activities with lots of space and common sense are fine in Maryland.  The club is happy to host an IMAC competition on Saturday and Sunday...

New Field:

                                       4837 Indian Town Road, Vienna, MD

                                                 38.507734 N 75.813998 W


The club provides current weather from the field updated every 5 minutes or so.  This feature was an idea shared with us by our friend Brad Davy of the Frederick club and IMAC.

  • Unfortunately our weather system is currently undergoing updates and is offline. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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